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Bishop Dee Williamston

Bishop Dee Williamston

Moving Forward with HoPE

Anticipating sweeping changes in our denomination's structure and operations at every level, we are embarking on a mission firmly rooted in discipleship and transformation, all while embracing the promise of HoPE that guides us forward.

Like all mainline denominations today, United Methodist conferences and jurisdictions are facing the need to make dramatic adaptations from past ways of operating. A convergence of factors—declining congregational membership, the evolution of communication channels, remote work environments, virtual gatherings, and ever-evolving mission opportunities—has ushered in a new era where the conventional ways of doing things no longer suffice in carrying out God's divine work.

Amid so much ecclesial, cultural, and economic change, the Bishop and Extended Cabinet have identified the need for a planning and implementation process to create a flexible, agile operational system that can adapt quickly to the known and unknown ministry opportunities that lie ahead.

To accomplish this, The Louisiana Conference has enlisted the expertise of John Wimberly, an experienced church consultant, to help us think about the future and we want to hear from YOU!

Bishop Delores J. Williamston says Wimberly's work will culminate in a comprehensive report, providing recommendations and options for a conference organizational system that harmoniously aligns with our vision and mission.

"I've worked with John before," Bishop Williamston said. "And he has consulted with many other United Methodist Church conferences in our connection. His approach is centered on listening and engaging with as many people as possible. As you know, the landscape of faith and ministry is shifting, and it's essential that we adapt. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your voice heard."

Wimberly will be holding sessions during October, on various days, at various times. All are encouraged to participate.

Please Note: Time slots are limited and they will fill up fast, so book today!


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